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(Last updated 6th January 2018)

Using LetSys to help maintain a Web Site - Examples.


There are several functions provided to allow LetSys to integrate with your website. This page shows a number of examples of the effects which are possible. Read the LetSys Help topic "Using LetSys to help maintain a website" for more information.

1. HTML File Upload: Publishing Availability and Rates status by modifying an HTML file.

Using the "Publish to Web" function you can update HTML file(s) which can display your availability status and/or your rates. With a couple of clicks, this web page is uploaded to your web site, and will then show which dates your property is available and what you charge per week.

Click the links below to see some examples of the different formats that are supported. These samples are all shipped with the software and placed in a folder C:\LetSys\Web when the product is installed. Read the Help topic

  1. availability.htm A basic sample, shipped as the default.
  2. availability SAMPLE 2.htm A sample where the background colour of the row depends on the availability. More subdued colours are used.
  3. availability SAMPLE 3.htm Here you can see colours chosen by one of our customers. The entire row is coloured according to availability, and the rate for weeks which are let is not displayed.
  4. availability SAMPLE 4.htm
  5. availability SAMPLE 5.htm This example shows how it is possible to put two availability and rates tables into a single HTML file. Both will be updated together.

2. Online booking form.

LetSys is delivered with a sample on-line booking form which you can taylor to your own requirements. You can then quickly download and import data from this form directly into LetSys. To see the supplied sample click bookform.htm This is based on our own form. You can also see the booking form we use on our own web site here:

3. Dynamic web applications using PHP:

LetSys supports dynamic web applications written in the most popular scripting language used on the web - PHP.
It can upload a PHP file (named phpinfo.php) which contains a list of all your properties, and the availability status for each of those properties. This allows a number of interesting and useful scripts to be written for your web site, for example:

  • If you have several properties, you can create dropdown boxes showing the properties in (for example) the booking form
  • You can produce availability calendars in a number of different forms. See an example
  • You can create "availability search" applications which list the properties available for the dates you choose. You can see an example on one of our customers own sites:
  • LetSys can also create and export the rates into a MySQL query, ready to inport into a MySQL data base on the server - this allows you to do such things as automatically calculate the prices for a stay in your booking form. We supply scripts to do this as an additional chargeable feature. Please contact us for more details..

4. Rates only sample - using HTML File Upload.

It is possible to publish a list of the rates only. Click ratelist SAMPLE 6.htm to see an example. This example uses the ability to alternate the styles (and hence background colours) of odd and even lines. This would be needed in the case where you display your availability in an alternative way for example using the availability calendar below.

5. Using an iFrame to contain a rates file or a calendar.

You can see a sample file containing an iFrame here: iFrame.htm
This sample file allows you to view both the above rates only sample and the calendar sample in an iFrame with scrolling.

More on the Availability Calendar Sample.

In order to produce an availability calendar such as the one referenced above - see this example - you need PHP scripting skills, or to engage the services of a Web Specialist. We will, for a small charge, provide the support needed to do this and implement this calendar for you. We don't supply the php script that produces this calendar as this is a chargeable addition to LetSys. Contact us for more details.

All our web publishing samples can also be downloaded as a ZIP file by clicking the following link: