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Specifications / hardware and software needed.

Hardware:  Minimum hardware needed: Any computer purchased in the past 8 years or so will easily run this system. It runs well on a 350 MHz system with 64MB of memory under Windows 98. (It runs even faster on higher specification hardware, of course.)

Operating system:  Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7. Over the years the software has been tested on all client versions of Windows from Windows 98 up to (most recently) Windows 10. However we no longer test on, or support, Windows XP and earlier versions, although LetSys does run on Windows XP.

Display: The Holiday Letting System will work with a minimum display resolution of 800x600 but will be easier to use at 1024x768 display resolution or higher. We recommend a 1280x1024 or higher display if managing more than four properties.

Disk Space:  You will need approximately 5 MB of disk space.  This is sufficient for the programs, demonstration and about 3 years of data for one property.  Additional years will typically use less than 1MB data per year per property.

Scanner:  You will need a scanner (and scanning software) if you wish to store scanned copies of paper booking forms and access them directly from the related booking. V3.3 and later allows you to view many different types of image file including PNG, JPEG and GIF. (Booking forms that arrive via email or from a web form can be easily stored).

Web site:  You need to have your own web site if you want to use the facilities that will assist you manage this, namely to keep an availability table up to date. However, you don't need to have a web site in order to use the Holiday Letting System or to benefit from it.

Language:  This System is written with all messages and prompts in English, and with English Language Help only. You can manage properties in any country and in different currencies, but you will need to be fluent in English to use the system. Let us know if you would have wanted a foreign language version, and we will put this on the list of requirements.

Limitations:  As with all software, there are some limits. Some of the functions (eg sending emails) are dependent on other suppliers. Hence there could be problems, for example, with email clients that don't implement the Windows Message API correctly. The application has been successfully used and tested with all recent versions of Windows and using several versions of Microsoft Outlook and now Gmail and other clients. However, it is essential to validate that the Holiday Letting System works on your system and with your software before purchase, using the evaluation version. Please report any problems.

Queries.  If you have any further queries please don't hesitate to ask. Contact details are here. You can phone, or click here to send an email.