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Support Forum:

We have a Support Forum: Go to This is our preferred way for you to obtain support, as entries will then be visible to all users.

Please search this forum for an answer to your queries, before submitting a support request.

Problems and Queries

Before writing with problems or queries, please

  1. Carefully read the information in the Help File provided with the product - you can download a copy by clicking here
  2. Search the Support Forum at
  3. Read the Frequently Asked Questions (being superceded by the Support Forum)
  4. Check the list of changes for each new release here.
  5. Ensure you are running the latest release. Use Help / about to find which release you are using; then check to see what the latest release is. If necessary upgrade to this release.
  6. If you are upgrading to a new release, and having problems, read this file.
  7. read the rest of this Support and Help page.

For queries and support, you can then send an email - see contact details

Genuine program faults will be addressed, or bypasses provided. Also, on a best efforts basis, we will try to respond to your usage queries. All support is provided under the license agreement that was accepted when the software was installed.


22nd September 2016. Announcing a new release V4.1. This new release focuses on data security and integrity. Full details are in Newsletter No 14. In particular this release makes it less likely that you will lose data, and also for users of the built in SMTP cient, support is now available for encrypted emai, to increase the security of your communications with customers and clients.

29th July 2015 - Windows 10: LetSys has now been tested and works fine on Windows 10, a much improved version compared with Windows 8 or 8.1. Please see this article on our support forum

24th December 2014: Announcement of V4.0 which supports multiple users, and much more including better support for Windows 8 and also if you put your data into "The Cloud" for security. Full details are in Newsletter No 13.

27th September 2012: Announcement of V3.7. New functions for web integration, useability enhancements, more functions for letting agencies. Newsletter No 12.

24th April 2012: We've created a new web page that shows all the different ways you can publish your rates and availability to your web site, and also gives the sample files to do this. See our samples page. This page also has a link for you to download all the latest web samples as a zip file.

16th September 2011: Announcement of V3.6, with major additions to the accounting functions for agencies, and many other new features. Newsletter No 11.

13th February 2010: Announcement of V3.3. This has many new features, including a focus on better integration with a web site. Newsletter No 10.

1st September 2009: Announcement of V3.2 with many new features, and which has been tested on Windows 7. More details are in Newsletter No 9.

28th June 2008: Announcement of V3.1 with many new features, and especially a new "MultiProperty view". More details are in Newsletter No 8.

4th September 2007: Announcement of V2.6 which supports Windows Vista. More details are in Newsletter No 7.

See full details of recent releases. Also read the notes on how to upgrade that are here.

Existing users can upgrade at no extra charge. You are strongly recommended to upgrade to the new version as older versions are no longer supported.

Previous Newsletters:
Newsletter 2 (February 2004)
Newsletter 3 (December 2004)
Newsletter 4 (August 2005)
Newsletter 5 (August 2006)
Newsletter 6 (August 2007)


The following files and information will assist you to install both the evaluation and the licensed copy.

ReadMe file for the installation - available here.

Installation hints and tips - available here.

Upgrading from an earlier release of the Holiday Letting System - available here.


The following links will take you to places where you will get advice on usage. Remember that the main place you should go for usage information is the Windows Help files. These are freely available with the Evaluation Version. The information here represents additions to the Help files, not a replacement. Information covered in the help files is not normally available here.

Frequently Asked Questions: available here.


If you are having problems, then review the following list of problems and bypasses available here.

Diagnostic Program:

In the event of problems (and normally only if asked to do so as part of the support) then there is now a built in diagnostics program within LetSys. This can be invoked from the main status window, by clicking Tools and then Diagnostics. There is more assistance on this in the Help file.


If you have any further queries please don't hesitate to ask. Contact details are here.