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Contact details - and some background information.

For queries and support contact:

Brendan Blake
88 Mount Ararat Road
Richmond, SURREY. TW10 6PN
Tel: +44 (0)20-8940-7087

Erw Wen Software:

The name we are trading under comes from the name of our Welsh Holiday Cottage. Erw Wen means "Fair Acre". The name reflects the roots of the Holiday Letting System, and our Celtic origins and connections.


Background Information: Just in case you are interested, here is a short and informal biography and a picture:

Brendan Blake, principle designer and author of HolLetSys. is a semi-retired IT Consultant with over 35 years of computing experience. A short biography follows.

Personal: I am married to Teresa. The picture below of the family shows us with our two children (Liam and Nancy) and one young neice (Miranda) in the garden in Richmond. We own a holiday cottage in Pembrokeshire, Wales, which is the reason we designed and wrote HolLetSys. Hobbies include sailing, music, reading, photography, badminton, messing around with computers, and above all being in Wales!

Professional: My first career was as a Physicist. I have a Doctorate in Physics obtained when working at the Clarendon Laboratory in Oxford. That's where I first used computers - first programming in 1967, and got hooked! I also worked at the University of Minnesota from 1969-1971. I then decided computing was to be my career, and worked for many years for IBM as a Systems Engineer, IT consultant and Technical Support and Technical Sales Manager, retiring from IBM in July 2002 at which time I was a manager in European Advanced Technical Support. My most recent areas of specialisation are in Networking, Systems Management and Security. However, I never gave up programming and always dabbled; hence this product.

Since retirement I have been enjoying being my own master, though I have done the occasional piece of consultancy, and have enjoyed turning this Holiday Letting System into something that I hope will be of benefit to others.

Finally, if you'd like to engage me as a consultant, then you can look at my formal CV but I really want to work only on projects that interest me!

Photo of the family. You can work out who is who!