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Purchase a copy of HolLetSys.

You can purchase a four property license for £79

You then pay an additional £20 per property managed (in increments of 2 properties for £40 per increment)

There are two ways in which you can pay for a license:

  1. Post us a UK Cheque or international money order in sterling. This should be made out to B. Blake. I will send the full version by return. This is slightly cheaper for both parties, but you will take up to a week to get your registered copy. (The address is below). Please print and complete a purchase request form (Click here to see this form) and send this form with your cheque.
  2. Pay by credit or debit card, using our payment partner, Paypal (see below). This is slightly more complex, but has the benefit that you will normally get registered within 24 hours. Note: At present you can only buy a four property license using PayPal. This will be updated soon.

Payment by credit or debit card (4 property license only):

Click to find out more about Paypal

Please fill in the details below and then click the "Buy Now" button. This will take you to a secure site of our partner PayPal (an eBay company) and a market leader in easy electronic transactions. Just enter your card and other details and the purchase price will be charged to your card. As soon as details of your payment are received (and normally within 24 hours) you will be sent a registered copy of the Holiday Letting System by email.

To purchase a license for more than 4 properties you need to send a form and cheque at present, although you can also pay manually by PayPal. Please send an email in this case, We are upgrading this section of the site.)


Property or Business name
Telephone number

Please note
- all communications with PayPal are performed in a secure (encrypted) protocol - look for the closed lock in the bottom of the window. Your card details are given only to PayPal, who then credit our account with your payment. 
- Using PayPal is slightly more complex than some on-line transactions as they are particularly security conscious. However, you will then be a PayPal member and can use this for other electronic payments. PayPal will charge you a small but refundable fee when first used.
- For a small company, Paypal is cheaper overall than other methods of on-line payment; this helps reduce our costs and hence the price of the Holiday Letting System to you.

Postal delays: Please send an email if you post a purchase form/cheque just in case there are delays in the post reaching us.

Brendan Blake
88 Mount Ararat Road
Richmond, SURREY. TW10 6PN
Tel: 020-8940-7087.