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10th August 2020. An updated beta test version of LetSys is now available for testing. (V4.3.0.9)

This new release has improved the "List Overdue Items" display, improves owner management, and fixes a number of problems including with web synchronisation functions.

The previous beta (released in May) replaced the email interface with one that should work in most situations. We have had positive feedback about this improvement. Our tests show that LetSys can now send the automatied emails from the Windows 10 Mail App, as well as Thunderbird and most other mail clients. This applies, of course, only if you are using the default email and not using the built in mail client.

This latest release (recently updated with more features) also offers enhancements related to automated interaction with listing agencies such as TripAdvisor and some additional advanced functions allowing more automation, thus improving the ability to automate web integration.

LetSys already allow you to integrate and synchronise your booking status with your own web site - as described in help topic Using LetSys to help maintain a Web Site.

This release also allows you to automate data linkage with an agency (or commercial listing site) such as AirBNB, TripAdvisor etc. The initial implementation allows you to synchonise your availability calendar with such an agency.

As well as changes to LetSys you will need additional programming that you are responsible for providing. You will need to contact us to discuss how to do this. Only customers that have been in touch with us should install and run this release at present.

One key change is that we now assign a unique identity for each property managed. This is just a number, assigned automatically, but which never changes subsequently. Remember - the LetSys property number can change when you drag and drop your properties into a different order. When this release is first installed the ID number is automatically assigned and is initially the same as the property number. The unique ID is displayed on the Edit Options for Property window of the configuration programme.

You have to configure which properties are synchronised. This is done from the Property Options page of the Configuration Program by checking AutoSynch If you have configured synchronisation of your data with an agency, then this is normally run automatically. If it fails for any reason (such as the internet being down) there is a manual "Synchronise with agency" function supplied under web.

Messages relating to upload of web data have been simplified and there are a few improvements to the Diagnostic Log - in particular the configuration program now writes information about property creation, deletion, editing and re-ordering to the LetSys Diagnostic log.

In the unlikely event of bookings data being corrupted, LetSys will now immediately terminate after allowing the user to view what we hope is better Help information on how to recover the data.

More details are in the Help file, which can be viewed once installed. Look at the topc What's New.

To download this beta, click on the link below. This will download HolLetSys4.3.exe(The file has been fully virus checked.)

See the installation notes below. (The file is about 3 Megabytes in size)

Click here to download.

Important: It is essential for existing users to take a backup before installation with the Backup Tool. If you have done this we will be able to support you in the event of migration problems.

Installation notes

This version is downloaded and installed in exactly the same way as the official release. Just run the downloaded install module and follow the instructions. Please ensure LetSys is NOT RUNNING when you upgrade.

If you have already installed a previous version, there is no need to uninstall your existing version. Just install the new beta version "on top" of the old one. All the components will be replaced, but your configuration settings and your own data will be unaffected.

You may possibly encounter some problems with this version - please report them. Contact details are here.

Warning: If you want to remove the beta version and return to a previous version, this is easy to do, but you do need to completely remove the beta first. you cannot just install an older version "on top" of the beta (or any version). Take a backup, completely remove LetSys, and then reinstall. Otherwise modules are not correctly replaced and will out of line.