How to set up two or more computers sharing LetSys data over a LAN.

If you have a multi-user license then you can safely process data from two or more computers at the same time. However, you will need to decide where you are going to keep your "master" set of data, or root folder. All the data LetSys uses (including most configuration settings) is stored in a folder called the root folder. When you first install LetSys the root folder is placed by default onto your C Drive as C:\LetSys\. Your first task is to decide on which machine and in which location you are going to store your data. In these notes, I will call that computer the "master". Once you have done that, the task that many find difficult is making the root folder available to other machines, using Windows sharing and security features. Here's what you do. The examples use Windows 10, but Windows 7 and 8 are very similar.

Note that all the machines you plan to use should have the same version of LetSys installed; preferably the latest version available from our Download page. It's not a bad idea, although not essential, to ensure that you have first set your main configuration options from the "Master" PC.

You can even put your LetSys folder on a separate windows server, which doesn't run LetSys at all. However, we don't recommend that as that means that every single update involves a networked read and write. Windows Networking is not that robust, we've found. Very, very occasionally a network error occurs and that can result in data loss. What we do recommend is that you put the root folder on the machine that does most of the work, which reduces the chances of error. Don't forget to regularly backup.

Image of share properties

Figure 1

Step 1: Decide where you are going to put the root folder.
In these examples, we show it as being the default C:\LetSys\.

Step 2: Share the root folder.

share properties

Figure 2

Step 3: Set the security for your share.

permissions screen

Figure 3

Step 4: Test if the folder has been successfully shared.

Credentials screen

Figure 4

Step 5: Finally, point LetSys on the other machines to the shared folder

You should now be able to run LetSys and use the shared data in the shared folder.


You may still need to configure other features of LetSys - for example if you are using LetSys to synchronise with a web site.

There are plenty of websites that describe sharing and security in detail. You can google for this or try one of the following examples:


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Last updated 31 March 2017