"README.txt" file for HOLIDAY LETTING SYSTEM ("LetSys").

This is a formatted copy of the "Readme" file included with the program, and which contains information about installing and using "LetSys". It also contains information about the changes introduced with new releases.

Installation: Installation is easy - you just double click on the module "HolLetSysv.r.exe" and answer the questions. (v is the version number, r is the release number). You are strongly recommended to take all the recommended defaults - you can make changes later.

Windows 7 / Vista / XP: You must install and configure LetSys from a user with administrator rights.

After installation: You should test the system by running the demonstration. See the instructions below.
You then configure the system to your own requirements with the "Configure LetSys" program.
NOTE: Please ensure you read the HELP file thoroughly. Installation problems and solutions (where known) are documented there.

Demonstration System: You should now try out LetSys by clicking on the icon on your desktop for the demonstration.
This Icon is named "Demo Cottage" and you will see an example of what your data might look like after having taken 2 or 3 years worth of bookings.
Once the application is active, click on HELP / CONTENTS and you will find all the documentation. In particular you should read the topics contained in "System Overview", and you are recommended to study the Tutorial.

Note: Locating the Help file. Windows may say that it cannot find the Help file. It gives you an opportunity to Browse and find it. Browse to the folder: C:\Program Files\ErwWen\LetSys. Choose the file LetSysHelp.hlp as the help file.

Configuring the system to your requirements: Once you are reasonably familiar with how to create bookings and what you can do, you will need to configure the system to your own requirements. You should read the Help Topics under "Configuring the system".

Problems: If you have any problems with the system, please first review the notes on the web site, and then send an e-mail. Please include the version of the product you are working with. (With LetSys running and displaying the Status Window, then, with the menu, click on "Help / About" to see which version of the program you are using. You may also find it useful to review the support forum at http://support.erwwen.com



A full list of the version history and new features is available
(1) In the Help topic "What's new" under "System Overview". Read this once LetSys is installed.
(2) On our website: Go to http://erwwen.com/holletsys/releasehistory.htm
(3) If you received a CD, it is also on the cd as file releasehistory.htm.

Holiday Letting System (LetSys)
Brendan Blake.
See HELP / CONTENTS for full documentation.

Updated 6 Feb 2010