Newsletter: Holiday Letting System. 28th June 2008

     This newsletter announces the availability of LetSys Version 3.

1. New Version (V3.1) available.

This new version includes many new features that will benefit all users, but in particular it supports new features designed to make it possible to manage more than the four properties previously supported.

This provides an additional way to view the booking status of all properties managed in the same window. This is known as "Multimode". This makes it much quicker to answer questions such as "what do you still have available in August?" when you have many properties to check.

However, there are many other new features which apply to all users, including the following:

This new version is available at no charge to existing registered users. The full list of new features is listed at

When you re-install the software:

More notes on how to upgrade are here: and the new version can be downloaded from

2. New support forum

There is now a new support forum for our users available here:  We've started putting queries from users onto this forum instead of in the FAQs. You can also find it from the main support page.

This will become our main vehicle for support, as it contains a powerful search facility - just click search when viewing the forum.

If you register on this forum, you can now ask queries through it which will then be visible to all users. Hopefully usage queries may (in time) be answered by other users as we build up the user base.

3. Help improve your search engine rankings.

Search engine rankings are significantly influenced by the number of other sites that link to you (preferably in the same or similar business areas). Would you be willing to put a link to our web site into your site? In exchange I’ll add a link to your web site into our list of users. Better still – give me a reference quote to use as well. See the current list (including references) here: refs.htm

Here’s an example of a suitable link: “ For other owner/managers: this property is managed with Holiday Letting System software from or “ Please ask your web master to add this link, and then send me an email, and I’ll link to you.

4. Migration to a new computer.

Tthe most frequent support query we get is how to migrate to a new computer. In the past couple of months two users have asked for help following a major hardware failure. We've substantially changed the way settings are held in the new release to make backup and migration easier. They are now in a file (LetSys.ini) and a copy of this file is placed into the root folder each time you change your configuration. This makes recovering your settings from a backup possible. It also makes life a lot easier under Vista. The topic in the Help File on "How to migrate to a new machine" has been substantially updated and placed in the new support forum. When you upgrade, your settings are automatically converted to the new format.

Comments please!

I hope the system is proving valuable. Your views are always welcome.

Best wishes to all users.

        Brendan Blake.
Web site:
Phone: +44-(0)-20-8940-7087
88 Mount Ararat Road, Richmond, SURREY TW10 6PN.