Newsletter: Holiday Letting System. 7th August 2007.

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This letter covers

  1. the availability of a new release (2.5) of the Holiday Letting System
  2. the availability of a new beta version (2.6) that is needed if you wish to run on Windows Vista.
  3. other information.

Note: On 3rd September the above Beta was formally released as V2.6. See Newsletter 7.

1. New Version (V2.5) available.

The latest version (V2.5 dated June 2007) is available for downloading from
(Just download and install the evaluation version – your registration details and settings are not altered.)

This new version is available at no charge to existing registered users. There are many new functions, including a major change to the way letters are produced from proformas. This allows you to have as many letter types as you wish, and to give each letter type its own name.

A list of the enhancements is below. You are advised to upgrade to this new version if you need the new functions or are experiencing any problems. Support will no longer be available on older versions.

The new functions were mainly suggested by existing users. More details are in the help file.

More details on the enhancements are also available in the Help files for the new version and on the web in the release history at

When you re-install the software:

More notes on upgrading are here:

2. New Beta Version (V2.6) available - needed for Windows VISTA.

Windows Vista is growing in popularity, and now runs on about 5% of the world’s computers (a rapidly growing number). Hence we are pleased to announce support for this new version of Windows. Support is provided by a new beta version (V2.6 dated 8th August 2007) available for downloading from
This version runs on any Windows System, of course, but you must use this version if you are intending to run on Windows Vista.

It would be helpful to have some more users install and test this new version.

       List of enhancements in this beta:

3. Other information

Future plans

The only important enhancement now to do is provide a rewritten version to support more than four properties. Many of the improvements in the latest release are pre-requisites for both Vista and this planned version. As I am no longer doing so much teaching, I hope to make this available in the next few months. My apologies to those users who have been waiting for this for quite some time.

If you have any important requirements of your own please let me know.

My usual plea for Help!

If you like this system (and some of you certainly do judging by the comments) then please tell others you know who also manage holiday cottages about it. Thanks especially to those who have recommended this system to others; through that and search engines we continue to get a slow but steady stream of sales.

Comments please!

I hope the system is proving valuable. Your views are always welcome.

Best wishes to all users.

        Brendan Blake.
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