Newsletter: Holiday Letting System. 16th September 2011

Announcing Version 3.6 of the Holiday Letting System.

This newsletter contains news and information about the Holiday Letting System and was sent to customers and others who have registered interest.

We are pleased to announce a new release containing many new features.
In particular there are many new functions to help Letting Agencies manage their business, including handling management fees, account functions and reports. However, there are also many improvements for the owner manager, including better handling of cancellations, the ability to blind copy people to whom you are sending mail shots and many other improvements.

Existing users can upgrade to this new release free of charge.
The new version has been tested on Windows 7, Vista and XP. We longer test on older versions of Windows although it should continue to work.

The new version can be downloaded from



Booking Fee: You can now set one of the extra charges to be a Booking fee. The system can automatically calculate the fee, based on information you configure. This new feature is designed for letting agencies who can now account separately for this fee. This fee (normally non-returnable) is paid by the customer to the agent as opposed to being a fee charged to the owner.

Management Fees: For agents who charge owners a management fee based on rent (or total income) this can now be automatically calculated, and accounted for in the new Monthly Accounts. The management fee is configured separately for each property.

Monthly Accounts (for owners): This report contains a statement of income and expenditure for a specified month, by property including calculation and deduction of the management fee. Reports can be printed or sent by email. The expenditure part is optional, but if you want this, you need to configure and record your expenses as explained below. A summary report for the agent gives full details of fees and management fees received by month.

Expenses recording: LetSys now has the ability to record (and categorise) outgoings associated with each property, in an "Expenses File" by month. These expenses, together with income can now be reported by the new Monthly Accounts Reports. Be aware that this does not handle detailed (item by item) record keeping within a month, you simply enter the total amount spent by category in each month, ready for inclusion in the reports. New "Accounts" menu item: This is on the Status Window and groups together the monthly accounts and the expense reporting functions as well as the Payments Report. View Payments: This report, which lists past and predicted payments has been improved. It is now run from the new Accounts menu item on the Status Window (moved out of Tools). The comments are now clearer, and cancellations are handled more precisely.


Note: Versions 3.4 and 3.5 were beta versions that were not released as production versions.

The full list of the new features is here:

This new version is available at no charge to existing registered users.

IMPORTANT: When you upgrade your software:

Please note that this version is now the only supported version.

2. Web Site Integration.

A number of our users still seem unaware of the range of features available, including publishing your availability and rates to your web site, importing data from a web based booking request form, and writing dynamic web scripts based on the names of the properties.
Setting up these features does need Web Skill, and if your web site developer needs help we are normally pleased to offer this for a charge.
Please contact us for more details. See

3. Help improve your search engine rankings.

Search engine rankings are significantly influenced by the number of other sites that link to you (preferably in the same or similar business areas).

Would you be willing to put a link to our web site into your site? In exchange I’ll add a link to your web site into our list of users.

Better still – give me a reference quote to use as well. See the current list (including references) here:

Here’s an example of a suitable link: “For other owner/managers: this property is managed with Holiday Letting System software from or “ Please ask your web master to add this link, and then send me an email, and I’ll link to you.

4. Comments please!

I hope the system is proving valuable. Your views are always welcome.

Best wishes to all users.

Brendan Blake.
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