Problems - and fixes or bypasses.

New support forum: This file lists some common problems. However, we now intend to use the new support forum to post all advice on fixing problems (as well as usage queries). Please go to to see the topics now posted there.

Windows Vista Installation: We've had reports of problems upgrading from users who installed early versions of the Holiday Letting System. This is addressed on the new support forum. See topic

Scroll Bars appear / Buttons and other components not visible in windows: Caused by Display Settings: LetSys was designed for the default (normal) DPI (dots per inch) Display Setting. Some users who have changed their display DPI settings have found that while the system is still useable, they get scroll bars in some windows, where none appear in the documentation. You can either scroll or resize the windows in order to see all the buttons and other components. In addition, font sizes are larger and do not fit or line up as well.
You are recommended to run the Holiday Letting System using the default display settings if you want the easiest user interface. To change back to the default (normal) DPI setting, then go to Control Panel / Display / Settings tab. Click the advanced button. On the General Tab you can change the DPI (dots per inch) for your display. Set it back to normal (96 DPI). (This procedure may be slightly different on older version of Windows.)

EMail not working. One user - using Windows ME and Microsoft Outlook 2000 had problems sending email. (The messages received were ambiguous:
     "unable to execute file c:\program files\erwen\letsys\readme.txt" and "shellexecutefailed code 31"). The solution is simple - just ensure that Outlook is running before you try to send email. This is documented in the latest version of the help files.

Toolbars not showing: If you run LetSys on early versions of Windows 95, then Toolbars may not be displayed correctly (they are just blank). Downloading the latest version of the Windows common controls should solve this problem. Go to the Microsoft download site:
There have also been other reports from users that, while LetSys will run, the display has some odd (albeit manageable) characteristics. There is no known solution to this latter problem other than upgrading to Windows 98 or later - but you should have spotted this when you ran the evaluation program.


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